CHI Health 132nd & Center Clinic

Project Description:

The project involved renovating approximately 15,400 square feet of a PetCo pet store and shell space into a newCHI Health clinic. Because the facility had been used as a pet store, none of the walls, ceilings and floor could be reused. The existing ductwork particularly needed to be replaced due to pet hair, dander and other contaminants in the system. After demolition was complete, the area was thoroughly cleaned to avoid dormant contaminants resurfacing in the new environment. The air handing units serving the space were also thoroughly cleaned and filtered (budget did not allow for the complete replacement of the unit). Advantages of the conversion included reuse of the existing large storefront to provide natural light in the space and use of the store delivery entrance as a staff and doctor entrance. The new CHI Health clinic contains 26 exam rooms, a procedure room, an X-Ray, laboratories, on-site retail pharmacy, and office space. The goal of the renovation was to allow patients to be treated more effectively and efficiently. The facility had unique beginnings, as it was built in what was formerly a PetCo store.

Omaha, NE

CHI Health

15,400 sf