A Facility Condition Assessment (FAC) is an analysis of the condition of a facility in terms of age, design, construction methods and materials. 

Budgets and Capital Planning require accurate data to make informed decisions.

Altus’ proprietary technology expedites and accurately captures facility condition data so you can make informed, timely decisions.

Facility planners can’t rely on guesswork or experience alone when it comes to budgeting and capital planning. These high-impact decisions require the collection of extensive building condition data before any plans can be made to restore, replace or maintain building assets.

With accurate and timely facility condition data, Facility Planners are armed with the information they need to formulate evidence-based recommendations relative to existing building assets. It also allows for the use data and reports for prioritizing projects for maintenance, repair or renewal.

Typical Information Included in a Facility Assessment

  • The current condition of internal assets such as casework, ceilings, ceiling types, window condition, door condition, flooring condition
  • The current condition of external assets such as roofing, boilers and motors.
  • Estimation of costs to correct the backlog or part of the backlog of deferred maintenance
  • A forecast of the effective age of assets in the building inventory and an estimate of future lifespan
  • Identification of code deficiencies that need to be corrected