Altus’ integrated interior design approach incorporates thoughtful attention with the client’s overall vision to address those things that matter in a healthcare setting: function, durability, sustainability, infection control and cost are just a few of the many considerations. Our staff excels in creating interesting and sustainable healthcare environments that can evolve over time while effortlessly articulating the clients’ vision, mission and brand.


Altus’ team of certified and experienced interior designers have extensive experience designing for healthcare environments. Our process is collaborative, creative and informed by industry best practices, high-value and future flexibility, all while maintaining clear focus on client vision and patient experience.

The Altus interior design team focuses on creating spaces that heal. It goes beyond the basic clinical requirements to create environments where patients can relax, feel more at home and recover peacefully. We also believe healthcare design should encompass the demands of the entire support system, from enabling health professionals to perform their duties more efficiently, to accommodating care teams that include not just clinical personnel but also a patient’s family and friends. Thoughtful, high-value interior design doesn’t have to be costly. It requires experience and dedication to a clients’ vision, brand and budget. That’s what you’ll get with Altus.

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  • Materials and Furnishings Selection

  • Signage and Wayfinding

  • Lighting

  • Artwork Selection