Midwest Cancer Center

Project Description:

Altus designed this new, greenfield construction of a two-story, award-winning building for the Midwest Cancer Center. For the project, Altus provided site development, healthcare planning, architectural design, and coordinated multiple user groups. The two-story design met the client requirement of separate diagnostic and clinic services, while also incorporating a two-story, soothing water feature. The lower level contains state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and radiation services.

Considering the long periods of time that patients may spend at the facility receiving treatment, special consideration was given to patient comfort and needs. Examples include mobile infusion chairs that give patients the option to sit closer to full-height windows and open infusion to enable social interaction while still providing private treatment areas, for those concerned more with seclusion.

In a nod toward a more hospitality desired experience, non-clinical ambiance is supplied by natural materials and tones. Lighting was of critical importance to the user groups, so hallways were illuminated by skylights while indirect lighting creates an inviting glow at night. Also, fiber optic lights were used in linear accelerator room.

Omaha, NE

Midwest Cancer Center

55,000 sf


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IIDA Great Plains Chapter
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