Project Description

Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery Center

Project Description:

Thirty feet above the Fontenelle Forest floor, this canopy-level exhibit is designed according to the natural habitat of the rescued birds housed within the mews. These are not ordinary enclosures; these are homes. These owls, hawks, falcons and other species are birds of prey that can no longer survive in the wild. But they can provide all ages of humans with their experiences, so we can know more about this important part of nature. Each mew is its own unique adventure, its own story, its own memory to share.

In 2014 Fontenelle Forest acquired Raptor Recovery, a federally permitted center dedicated to the care of injured birds of prey. This project included shelter of 13 mews, or bird houses, along with an education center consisting of 6 mews.

With multiple mew designs, this innovative project combines many various materials to not only help establish this iconic structure amongst a native context, but also serve as functional, sustainable homes for birds and educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about these illustrious birds. One of the more interesting elements on this project is the wavy edged beveled cedar siding that gives the mews a fun, distinctive look. Bridge planks span a ravine below with the mews built on raised platforms in a semi-circle design surrounding the ravine. The mews were intentionally built out of plumb and the overall design is reminiscent of tree houses nestled among the treetops.

Bellevue, NE

Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods