ilumin Ophthalmology & Optical

Project Description:

ilumin Ophthalmology & Optical sought Altus’ services for its clinic programming, space planning, and cost estimating expertise. Not only did the clinic need to function well, but it was also important that the design reflect a high level of care while adhering to tight budget requirements.

The client’s goals for the space included a patient-focused positive experience that reduced stress and provided for better patient outcomes. The resulting project provided the physicians/owners with a highly functional and creative brand while meeting the budget requirements. ilumin’s founders envisioned their practice — providing eye care through a patient-focused experience, unlike any other in the region. Focused on the patient experience, the following depicts a typical patient journey:

  • A concierge greets each patient as they enter the office, and only takes their name while offering a cup of cappuccino or coffee and a seat in one of the plush waiting room chairs.
  •  Short waits are the rule and during this time patients are treated to the sounds of nature or other non-traditional images on one of the large flat screens.
  • Once it is time for their appointment, patients move into private check-in rooms, where sensitive information is exchanged in complete privacy.
  • For a personal and unique experience, patients are led directly to the exam room to start their appointment. Each exam room offers state-of-the-art equipment as well as an iPod controller so that each doctor can adjust the music to his or her client’s taste.
  • Lighting control is essential with respect to the functionality of an eye clinic. Therefore, special attention was paid to provide indirect and dimmable lighting in all patient care areas, thereby easing strain on sensitive dilated eyes.
  • A retail showroom area features carefully curated merchandising displays and mirrors so patients can discover the best eye wear for their needs and lifestyle in a comfortable setting

The end result provided ilumin with a distinct image and brand that set the bar for eye care within the region. The project was featured in Healthcare Design Magazine’s Architectural Showcase and won the IIDA Great Plains Chapter Silver Award for design excellence.

Omaha, NE

ilumin Ophthalmology & Optical

8,000 sf


Healthcare Design Magazine
Architectural Design Showcase

IIDA Great Plains Chapter

IIDA Great Plains Chapter
Silver Award