OCTOBER 17, 2023 – Red Oak, IA

How do you move a 22,000 lb. piece of diagnostic medical equipment to its working location? Very carefully!


Altus Team members Michael Hamilton and Mike Goertzen were privileged to be onsite today at Montgomery County Medical Center to witness the installation of its new Canon Medical Systems Corporation magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit.

The effort involved set up and adjustment of a large crane to hoist the unit through a specially-designed hatch in the roof. Perfect weather contributed to a successful placement, which took about one hour from the time the machine was attached by crane and placed in the room.

Staff and community members watched as the roof hatch was removed and placed on the ground, followed by the MRI being lifted from the delivery truck and hoisted over the opening in the roof, an approximately 80 ft distance from truck to hatch.

Once inside the building, the roof hatch was reinstalled and the celebration began. The unit is a few weeks away from being placed in service, with final installation of the unit and room finishes yet to be completed, but residents of Red Oak and the surrounding area can look forward to having this new high-tech diagnostic medical equipment serving the community for years to come.