Annie Jeffrey Health Center

Project Description:

Annie Jeffrey Memorial County Health Center is a critical access hospital located in Osceola, NE. The existing facility of approximately 17,500 square feet was constructed in 1956. Several small additions had been added to the facility since that time. Many of the existing departments were undersized with limited upgrades over the years, and did not meet the current needs of the population served and hospital staff.

Altus worked hand-in-hand with administration and staff to develop a master plan which allowed the current facility to be expanded and remodeled to meet the proposed program requirements. The plan allowed for construction of a new addition to the hospital without shutting down any of the existing facility during construction. The addition included new surgical suites, radiology, laboratory, emergency, nurse station and additional patient rooms. The result of the Altus design is a facility optimized to function efficiently with limited staff, supported by expanded outpatient services, and based on an updated foundation in which to deliver care.

Osceola, NE

Annie Jeffrey Hospital

45,000 sf