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The Sorrell Center, or Center for Health Science Education Building was designed for the College of Medicine and its academic activities. It provides education support resources campus wide, including class laboratories, classrooms, instructional small group rooms, assessment and skilled learning facilities including a clinical skills learning and assessment facility, and small group instruction rooms, all set up for optimal teaching and to support changes in teaching technology for cutting edge programs in professional education. The Sorrell center provides support facilities and service offices for all students. This creates a “heart” for the educational zone of the UNMC campus.

The building was designed to facilitate inter-professional exchange by encouraging interaction between the students and their faculty. This provide a stronger campus experience and an exciting learning environment. The facility is located at the crossroads of pedestrian flow between key education buildings, its stature visibly defines the educational campus center. The Sorrell Center continues the UNMC building tradition of progression in architectural inspiration and building technologies creating a world class facility.

University of Nebraska Medical Center


Omaha, Nebraska

Chris Barnwell

134,183 sf
$52.7 million

The Sorrell center was a joint venture between HDR Architecture, and RDg Planning and Design. Chris Barnwell's role was a Project Design Architect on this project while at HDR Inc.

Photography by Kessler Photography.