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This 30,000-square-foot facility represents a new model of care that brings physicians and scientists together to develop a new understanding of geriatric disorders. Providers offer expertise across the spectrum including: providers from across the spectrum including; geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, exercise science, and whole person wellness.

The initial facility of a planned medical site development, the facility’s prominence as a gateway to the campus is illustrated by the point-supported glass canopy. The glass façade visually opens the facility, providing a non-institutional feel for the clinic spaces and exam rooms and allowing for abundant daylight to diffuse throughout. The lower level utilizes site topography to incorporate a terraced outdoor space adjacent to a multipurpose room. The top level provides office and educational spaces.

Program elements address the special needs of the aging patient. Carpet, cork and rubber flooring provide extra cushioning. Low-glare fixtures and surfaces with contrasting colors improve spatial perception. Open floor plans mean fewer barriers and obstacles when navigating the space.

UNMC & Home Instead Senior Care


Omaha, Nebraska

Chris Barnwell

31,425 sf
20 exams
Large fitness room
$52.7 million

Chris Barnwell's role was as Design Principal for the UNMC Home Instead Center for Successful Aging while with HDR Inc.

Photography by Kessler Photography.