Government   /  United Facility Guide Specifications (UFGS) Development for Nurse Call Systems – Military Healthcare System (Nationwide)

The Altus Team was selected to develop a modern Nurse Call specification to be used at any of the United Facilities participating agencies for the Military Health System (MHS) facilities. The specification consolidated two Air Force specifications and one NAVFAC specification, brought the specification language into alignment with the Unified Facilities Criteria, as well as including technological updates to nurse call systems that have occurred since the specification update. The specification development included the following:
1. Research every CCR relating a proposed change to the Nurse Call Specification.
2. Researching all existing nurse call components in current practices and the applicability to a government health care facility.
3. Research other UFGS specifications to insure integration with Nurse call.
4. Meeting with Tri-service Subject Matter Experts (SME) for input into the specification.
5. Updating the specification to include modern nurse call equipment and system topology.
6. Multiple resolution conferences to ensure the specification was developed in conjunction with the using departments and incorporated the unique requirements of a military health facility.
7. Sent the specification to several nurse call manufacturers to ensure the specification was as open, non-proprietary as possible while providing a state-of-the art system.

US Army Corps of Engineers


The Team used guidelines from the following references to create the Specification:
1. UFC 1-300-02 UFGS Format Standard
2. UFGS Section 01 33 00 Submittal Procedures
3. UFGS Section 01 35 29 Sustainability Reporting
4. MIL-STD-3007F Standard Practice for UFC and UFGS
5. ER 415-1-10 Contractor Submittal Procedures
6. UFC 1-200-01 DoD Building Code
7. UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements
8. UFC 4-510-01 Design: Military Medical Facilities

The Altus team delivered a complete Specs-Intact version of the new consolidated Nurse Call UFGS Specification, fully vetted, and ready for implementation.