Government   /  Schriever AFB Clinic Addition / Renovation Project

The Altus Team is providing AE0 Design Building RFP Preparation Services for the Schriever AFB Clinic Additiona/Renovation Project. The $12,000,000 building replacement project is approximately 13,000 SF.
The current medical/dental clinic facility, was constructed in 2004 as an 11,715 square feet (SF) facility. When originally constructed it was built to serve Active Duty patients only. However, with the construction in 2010 of 242 family housing units, the number of beneficiaries utilizing the clinic’s services increased by over 750 Active Duty Family Members. The number of Active Duty personnel assigned to the base has also increased. As a result, the existing facility is not adequately sized to accommodate the increased workload. In addition to size, the current facility is not configured to effectively handle patients’ needs, especially with regards to the provision of privacy in the area of Behavioral Health.

US Army Corps of Engineers


Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado

Project goals include:
• Assure a deployment ready force by helping service members be available to Commanders
• Focus on taking human performance to the next level of occupational health and prevention
• Assure an effective disaster response capability for aeromedical and critical care evacuation
• Assure safe, quality, customer-focused, best-value healthcare with decreased healthcare costs
• Provide patient safety and quality care as a foundation
• Achieve principles of high reliability and eliminate communication medical errors
• Enhance staff morale and promote mental and physical health fitness
• Build a healthy community through preventive health strategies