Government   /  Performance Specifications for Furniture, Furnishings, Equipment, and Low Voltage Systems

The Altus Team was awarded a task order to assist Military Health Service (MHS) to achieve standardization, reduce manpower, consolidate program management, and decrease variance to decrease cost of design, constructing, and outfitting. The MHS has standards related to design and construction but does not have tri-service outfitting standards. As such the Defense Health Agency (aka “MHS Portfolio Manager”) required the services of a qualified Architect-Engineer (A-E) to develop “Performance Specifications” for its Initial Outfitting (IO) Program, specifically related to Furniture, Furnishings, Medical Equipment and Low Voltage Systems (FFE-LVS) relative to MIL-STD 1691. The Government will use these Performance Specifications in the acquisition and execution of its design, construction and initial outfitting projects.
The task order objectives are to reduce inconsistencies, identify minimum quality requirements, promulgate best practices, leverage resources and reduce work redundancy upstream, and promote standardization across all acquisition vehicles/contracts. It also will empower contracting agents (acquisitions) and project management to effectively communicate and enforce minimum quality standards for all projects without compromising the flexibility to acquire the goods and services to best meet the needs of the projects. Standardization will also allow Services and Agents to accurately program and provide independent government estimates (IGEs).

Defense Health Agency


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