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A first phase of this project presented the Team with many complex challenges when designing the 26,000 SF Oncology Hematology Special Care Unit (OHSCU) renovation. The existing facility had varied floor-to-floor heights, structural impediments, including tight column spacing and lateral bracing. These technical challenges were addressed early to allow the planning team’s focus to shift to creating a healing environment for patients and a supportive setting for families and staff.

The 4th floor renovation project consolidated Nebraska Medicine’s women’s program which was previously in two separate locations on campus. The project included a new C-Section operating suite that replaced the existing undersized and outdated C-Section suites. The labor and delivery and C-Section rooms were strategically located closest to the existing NICU unit to greatly reduce travel time in emergency situations. The remodel also allowed hospital space to be moved out of a 1915 vintage building resulting in a completely revitalized department with up-to-date finishes and infrastructure.

The next phase of this project is the renovation of floors 5 and 6 which includes Pediatrics, Pediatric ICU, and Adult ICU. The construction documents for this phase are complete, awaiting approval from Nebraska Medicine to begin construction.

Nebraska Medicine



Michael Levin
Loren Lamprecht

4th Floor - Women’s Services
Construction Value: $13M

5th/6th Floors - Peds, PICU, ICU
Construction Value: $20M

7th Floor - OHSCU
Construction Value: $6.5M