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Altus architects and interior designers were retained by The Nebraska Medical Center to design an oncology hematology special care unit. The existing facility had challenging floor-to-floor heights, structural impediments, and stringent infection control standards. Once the plan difficulties were overcome the focus shifted to creating a healing environment for patients and a supportive setting for families and staff on a fast-track deadline.

* Core efficiency was enhanced by aligning work flows to support staff and patient needs
* Small patient rooms were improved to include ADA requirements and to utilize the space more efficiently
* Rooms now incorporate the staff hand-wash sink, patient wardrobe, display shelves, and refrigerator
* Back-to-back headwalls make efficient use of space by sharing the wall cavity for medical gases
* Nurse stations offer openness to promote patient and family interaction
* Off-stage rooms allow the needed separation for some tasks
* On-unit family room complements the main family waiting that includes lounge space, nourishment counter, child and adult computer desks, and family shower room
* Other support spaces include a pediatric play room, pharmacy, clean and soiled rooms, and med rooms and equipment rooms
* Deep cherry wood tones connect grass resin panels, branch-patterned wallcovering and leaf-patterned carpet into a nature-inspired palette
* Accent colors of blue, aqua, and thistle are alternated on floors as an identifying element

Nebraska Medicine


Omaha, Nebraska


24 Protective Environment Patient Rooms
Cancer Center
Protective Environment Pediatric Play Room
Two Family rooms