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 Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County undertook a 10-Year Facility Master Plan to gather a broad base of knowledge on which to develop strategies for short- and long-term growth and development.  This master plan was created in response to the strategic, clinical and operational needs of the hospital while keeping the opportunities and barriers presented by facility assets in perspective.

 This effort validated the need for an Ambulatory Surgery Center and medical office space.  The study revealed several other departments that needed room for expansion, some that were too large and could be right-sized, and articulated existing departments that could be relocated to improve operational efficiencies and flexibility for future growth.  The effort studied traffic ingress and egress from the campus and traffic patterns within the site and offered options to increase pedestrian and vehicular safety as well as improve wayfinding.  The Master Plan determined possible on-site locations for future construction; where related parking expansion could occur, and perhaps most importantly with the new ASC/MOB, types of additional services Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County could offer.  Cost estimates were also developed.


Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County


Rock Springs, Wyoming

Sheila Elijah-Barnwell

Sheila Elijah-Barnwell's role was Design and Planning Lead for Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, Master Plan while with HDR inc.

Permission to use project images and plans given by Plan One | Architects, the Architect of Record.