Wellness   /  TCHS – Korff Fitness and Wellness Center

Responding to the increasing need for Hospital based Wellness facilities; Thayer County Health Services has embarked upon a community based addition on their campus which will serve the needs of Hebron, NE, Thayer County and surrounding communities. With the ability to serve Rehab Inpatients and Outpatients as well as patrons wanting to utilize health based components such as a gym, track and therapy pool, the facility will provide a comprehensive approach to Wellness and healthier living, helping to minimize future healthcare costs for the community. This reinforces the nationwide trend to reimagine hospitals as places to go for Wellness as well as for when you need direct medical care. Hebron residents will have a place to go for these services without needing to travel to other towns.

Architecturally, the new addition evokes a sense of non-traditional design with sloping roof forms that feature clerestory windows bringing abundant natural light into the interior spaces, which helps to promote faster healing and optimizes the patient experience. Utilizing brick to help blend into the existing campus architecture, the building also breaks away by introducing a corrugated metal cladding which is not unlike many rural grain silos dotting the surrounding region. The overall feel is a contemporary response which will undoubtedly attract younger as well as older patrons as the focus on wellness increases.

Thayer County Health Services


Hebron, NE

16,000 gsf

$12m construction cost
$17m project cost

Photography by Assassi Productions and L. Lamprecht, M. Levin, M. Tangney