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Community Medical Center has experienced significant growth since opening in 2007 and is expanding the Clinics, Surgery and Imaging departments. The site was land-planned for this anticipated growth with space for the Clinics to the north, and space for Surgery and Imaging to the west. The northward expansion will be for Family Medicine and allows for a new entry and identity for outpatients, connecting internally to the main hospital for convenient patient and staff flows. The addition will then allow staged renovation in the existing clinics for Orthopedics and Specialties.

In addition to clinic growth the hospital will expand to the west with a new Operating Room and MRI. Along with this expansion will be staged renovations internally to Prep/Recovery, Sterile Processing and Imaging to support the new growth.

Community Medical Center


Falls City, NE

Michael Hamilton

$ 7M construction cost including:
- 8,500 sf new construction for Family Medicine Clinic expansion, with added parking and new entry.
- 4,600 sf renovation for Ortho Clinic and Boardroom.
- 3,700 sf renovation for Specialty Clinic.
- 2,600 sf new construction and 4,400 sf renovation for Surgery OR expansion.
- 1,200 sf new construction and 600 sf renovation for new MRI.