Children’s West Omaha Satellite Clinic

Project Description:

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is constructing a brand new facility in West Omaha off 204th and Harrison Street. Phase One of the new outpatient facility will serve young children and their families will be open in 2024 and will serve as a western hub for Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.  Phase two of the project provides for a 40,000- square- surgery center, which is part of the hospital’s long-term growth plan.

The two-story, 60,000-square-foot building will have specialty clinics, a primary care offices, radiology, Cardiac and pulmonary services, lab services and a rotational clinic for eight additional specialties.  One area of the new outpatient center will house orthopedics, sensory gym, rehab and sports medicine. The sports medicine/rehab area will include an indoor rehab space as well as Children’s first outdoor rehabilitation space.  The outdoor space for sports medicine patients will include areas where youths can run, kick balls, and throw pitches, providing children a space to rehab that would have the kinds of activities they would normally do outside as kids.

All spaces within the building have been designed in a manner that provides for a high amount of flexibility for use.  Many of the exam spaces can be used for multiple specialties without the need for extensive reconfiguration.  The exterior of the building features special LED lighting that can be easily changed to acknowledge special awareness months important to Children’s.  Children’s is also is taking lessons learned from COVID-19 in designing the facility. As a result, it will include a covered drive-thru area where providers could see and treat a child in a car.

Omaha, NE

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

156,900 sf