CHI Lakeside Hospital PT Renovation

Project Description:

CHI Health approached Altus to help expand physical therapy services at their Lakeside campus which had previously operated primarily as a wellness center. Originally envisioned as a building addition, general economic conditions necessitated a revisioning of the initial plan. Renovating the previously under-utilized gymnasium created the 10,100 square feet to add the new physical therapy services which included a high-volume physical therapy gymnasium, a personal hand therapy area, a lymphedema room, two massage rooms, and typical examination spaces.

The new reception area invites users into the space with rich wood tones, soothing paint colors and materials that reflect elements of nature. Similar materials were carried throughout the rehab and physical therapy spaces providing a calming environment to be treated within. The new facility was planned based on efficiencies and was in line with the client’s tight budget and schedule requirements.

Omaha, NE

CHI Health

10,100 sf