Elijah BarnwellMay, 2016 – Sheila Elijah-Barnwell, PhD, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP, joined the firm as Director of Healthcare.  Sheila brings 23 years of experience leading health and healthcare projects as a designer, planner and project manager on projects throughout the United States and in Canada.  She works closely with clients to help them create master plan and facility design solutions that support their strategic, operational and community goals.  Sheila is a proponent of collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach to design and believes that the use of research and evidence is a powerful way to inform design and planning.

Elijah-Barnwell will provide firm leadership, focusing on the firm’s health and healthcare program to drive innovation, respond to changes in healthcare delivery, and help clients realize positive human outcomes as a result of our design interventions.  Sheila will also help the firm to expand our visibility and growth in these markets.