Leo Spurgin, our friend, teammate, husband, father, son, brother, and all around great human being left us for his next big adventure on August 22, 2020. He was only 32 yrs. old.

Born April 4, 1988 in Dallas, Texas Leo came to us through the Texas Tech Healthcare Facilities Design Graduate Certificate program where he earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Architecture. He developed his strong communication skills working his first job as a waiter, and these skills served him well with both his teammates and clients. As a young lad, he dreamed of being a scientist, but took a slight turn and instead became an architect. Leo’s “bucket list” included being able to travel often and being able to stay long enough in a country to better understand the culture of the people who lived there.

Leo married Mandy on June 30, 2012 and they adopted Rose, the fairy princess. Leo was an awesome foster parent and father. He and Mandy were looking forward to adopting another child together.

He loved technology and we would look to him if something in the office failed or was not working properly. He laid the gauntlet down when he would appear to us on Zoom meetings as if sitting at the helm on the Death Star’s command bridge. This led to some classic Zoom background battles with his coworkers.

Leo’s eclectic musical taste spurred comments such as, “what the heck is this?!” It happened to be Elijah Nang, Muzzy, Starley, Alabama Shakes and his apparent favorite, DJ AG, spinning remixed Star Wars tunes. We had to admit, it was pretty good music to work by.

His favorite quote was from Eleanor Roosevelt, “ The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” In his short 31 years, Leo did indeed have beautiful dreams.

We will miss you Leo. We will miss the Star Wars trivia and movie soundtrack contests; the odd music emanating from the speaker; the zingers you threw at times; your humanity; your curiosity, and your gentleness.

Be at peace, Leo.