Altus welcomes new team members!

University of Nebraska graduate, Phuong Nguyen recently joined Altus as a Project Coordinator focused on Design.  Phuong received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design followed by a Master of Architecture from UNL.  While working on her Master’s degree, she participated in a Healthcare Design Studio and competed nationally in a student healthcare design competition.  Phuong brings a keen eye for detail along with her passion for thoughtful design to our healthcare practice.



Having a passion for space, environment, and people, I have always been interested in pursuing a career in architecture. Being an architect/designer will give me the opportunity to create a better living environment for people with different cultures, needs and wants. I have a major interest in Healthcare design and that’s what I want to work towards in the future. No area of architecture practice today is as fast moving and complex as healthcare. My biggest goal is to contribute to elevating healthcare architecture; help it move forward with effective strategies that advance healthcare delivery; design beautiful, sustainable and affordable healthcare facilities that help to improve the health of patients and communities.




Altus is also pleased to welcome Omar Al Mulki.  Omar recently received a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Nebraska and has come on board as a Project Coordinator supporting all aspects of our projects.  Omar adds a new level of energy to our practice and challenges our team to embrace new technology and work outside of our comfort zones.




As a new graduate, my goal is to understand the actual architectural practice away from academia dream land and closer towards the nuts and bolts of every project. I focus on understanding what generates value to the client in order to serve their needs. I deeply believe that new technology should be embraced as early as possible. It makes every architect an alchemist by turning challenges into opportunities. I find joy in the woodshop and I am passionate about logarithmic design and digital fabrication.