Altus provides the expertise, research, and decision-making process to assist in identifying the scope of work to be designed. This involves understanding the client’s vision, key goals, and operations that will drive overall space planning and design requirements.

master planningMASTER PLANNING
Altus assists the owner in identifying priorities and user needs that are blended and balanced to create a conceptual framework for organizing the site and facility for current and future operations. This planning stage also takes into account what is affordable and sustainable.

space planningSPACE PLANNING
In this step of the design, Altus collaboratively works with the owner and representatives to efficiently and effectively organize the programming requirements; based on operational and aesthetic requirements and financial limitations.

architectural designARCHITECTURAL DESIGN
In this multi-step developmental phase, Altus Architectural Studios walks the client through a descriptive design process that initially deals in broad strokes and overall high-level design. The process continues with a collaborative step-by-step design plan, which evolves the project into a cohesive, efficient, and forward-looking space in which to work, learn, play, praise, or heal.

interior designINTERIOR DESIGN
Working with the owner, the Altus interior design team develops and implements the image that best supports the client’s brand message. By identifying the project scope and concept at all levels of the design process, Altus professionals create and execute the image that portrays to the public, the employees, and the shareholders the client’s message.

bidding and addendunsBIDDING AND ADDENDUMS
Altus will prepare all the documents for bidding and addendums, and incorporate your requirements in the contract documents.

construction administrationCONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION
Altus provides this quality assurance measure to help ensure that the construction or equipment installation is in general conformance with the design documents and applicable codes and standards are being met. Representing the owner in this way helps reduce cost, errors, and delays.

material and furniture selectionMATERIAL AND FURNITURE SELECTION
Altus’ professional interior design staff provides material and furniture selections that are appropriate for your building type and function while balancing budget, durability, comfort, ergonomic issues and workflow. Together, we guide you through the selection process to create a cohesive sense of space.

artwork and signage selectionsARTWORK AND SIGNAGE SELECTIONS
Altus provides artwork and plant selection, location, and coordination services. Our award winning interior design studio also will design or assist in the selection and coordination of interior signage.